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Questions answered on the NeHII website (NeHII) include:
  • How does sharing health information improve patient care?
  • How is health information currently shared?
  • Who will have access to my health information?
  • What health information will be shared?
  • How is my privacy protected?
  • Are there privacy risks?
  • Can I choose not to participate in NeHII?
  • Can I hold back certain records I dont want my health insurer or other providers to see?
  • If I opt out, can I later change my mind?
  • Where can I get more information?

Answer the Above Questions by printing the(NeHII Brochure)



NeHII is a state-wide, internet-based, health information exchange. It is sponsored by Nebraska health care providers and health insurers who share and use your information for treatment and payment purposes. Using NeHII, participating providers and health insurers can see certain health, demographic and payment information (your health information) in each others records. They can use this information for treatment and payment purposes. Using NeHII, your participating doctors can quickly find certain health information about you, such as your lab and x-ray results from other participating providers who have treated you in the past. Your participating doctors, hospital or pharmacy can quickly verify your insurance coverage by checking your enrollment status with participating health insurers. Your participating health insurer can electronically obtain health information needed to process your claim from the records of participating providers.